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Established in 1909, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is India’s premier institute for advanced scientific and technological research and education. It has conceived and nurtured several critical national endeavors, including the space and nuclear programmes. For decades, the Institute has also laid special emphasis on interdisciplinarity – research is not restricted to departmental silos and large-scale cross-disciplinary efforts have been greatly encouraged.

The new frontier of IISc is clinical research, particularly fostering interdisciplinary research to address healthcare needs. With this goal in mind, IISc is going to establish 832-bed not-for-profit hospital, named the Bagchi-Parthasarathy Hospital, in the Bengaluru campus.

IISc Medical School with its Bagchi-Parthasarathy Hospital would enable strong interdisciplinary research with emphasis on translation to create innovative healthcare solutions for future. This could include new classes of antibiotics against bacterial and viral diseases,implantable electrode arrays for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzeimer’s,nanorobots for targeted drug delivery to treat cancer,AI-enabled genomics for diagnosis of rare genetic disorders and treatment regimens for such disorders,implantable artificial pancreas for treating diabetes, treatment for inflammatory diseases and integrative medicine for holistic well being- all discovered, invented and nurtured in India for local and global benefit.

Bagchi-Parthasarathy Hospital will catalyze a transformation in the country by blending science, engineering and medicine to bring quality and affordable healthcare to all. IISc will become the leader of clinical research and training that can be emulated across the country. It will also seek to set the tone for sustainable healthcare goals and policies for the entire nation.

The funds contributed by you here will support the following areas of Clinical Research at IISc:

  • Equipment for Research
  • Research Costs (including research/clinical personnel costs)
  • Free Patient Care
  • Pre-Operating Costs of the Equipment

IISc is actively seeking support from alumni, companies, and philanthropists for the clinical research initiative.

Ways to Give

You can donate directly by clicking the contribute button below. For international payments, the users will be charged 3% of the transaction amount as convenience charges.

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US-based donors can contribute through the IISc Foundation. Contributions made to the Foundation will enjoy tax benefits as allowed by the IRS under Section 501 (c3).