Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

Rohan Memorial Medal for the UG programme for students majoring in Mathematics at IISc has been instituted by the family of Rohan, Shubha & Manjunath through an endowment to IISc. It is awarded to the student with the highest CGPA in that academic year.

From the parents of Rohan:

This Gold medal is initiated at IISc by Rohan care Foundation which was founded in September’2021 in memory of Rohan, son of Shubha & Manjunath. This is aimed at recognizing the undergraduate student of IISC every year for their stupendous achievement. Rohan was an undergraduate student at IISC who ended his life during his 6th Semester. He was a good man who was always engrossed in his studies. He also excelled in sports and had knowledge about everything from philosophy to physics, Astrology to astronomy, Science to Sociology, etc. He was mentally very strong but left us all due to depression during the COVID times. How he got into depression during the peak of COVID spread and how he took the extreme step is still a mystery to all the people who knew him.

Rohan Care foundation is an NGO which has its main objective of Education, Mental Wellness and empowering senior citizens. The NGO has got good response from all the near and dear ones of Rohan and has started helping underprivileged children in pursuit of education as well as bringing awareness about mental wellness in the society. Lots of work to be done and the people at the helm of the NGO have taken up the challenge and are taking baby steps in achieving their objectives.

This gold medal is to honour our beloved Rohan and to keep his memory alive for ever.


2022-23: Shreepranav Varma Enugandla

2021-22: Aaradhya Pandey and Sutanay Bhattacharya