Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

The Prof SN Rao Endowment Award has been instituted by Prof SN Rao to encourage and recognize academic excellence of women M.Tech. students at the Department of Computer Science and Automation at the Indian Institute of Science. The award will be given annually to the woman student with the highest CGPA in the First year M.Tech. at the CSA Department. It will consist of a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and a citation.

About Prof SN Rao

Professor SN Rao was born in a small village in 1936 but that did not stop him from chasing his intellectual pursuits. With high aspirations to have a career in education at the highest level, he ventured beyond the limitations of his world becoming a pioneer of his time. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering studying at PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore under the University of Madras, Tamil Nadu. His academic drive led him to the University of Illinois, Urbana, USA in 1958 where he obtained both his Master’s and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He later served as an Assistant Professor at Villanova University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After a successful career in America, his desire to serve his country brought him to the Indian Institute of Science in 1964. He started his journey as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and later appointed as the Chairman of the School of Automation. During his Chairmanship, the School of Automation was renamed as the Department of Computer Science and Automation. He was an academic staff fellow at the Cambridge University, England and a Visiting Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Dr. Rao retired in 1996 after a fulfilling career in education.

After three decades of being an educator, Dr. Rao devoted his time to his wife, children, and granddaughters. Dr. Rao enjoys intellectual conversations, watching comedy shows, cricket, and completing sudoku puzzles. He lives by the principles of humility and simplicity that are aptly stated by the poet Charles Bukowski – “The less I needed, the better I felt.”

Dr. Rao’s wife Rama Devi is his main supporter and continues to be a pillar of strength throughout his journey. They have been advocates for women to chase their dreams and pursue higher education. They strongly believe education can liberate and empower the minority and the underprivileged.