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Prof. R Srinivasan Medal

Prof. R. Srinivasan Gold Medal for the UG programme with a major in Physics has been instituted by the family of Mrs. Rukimini Ammal through an endowment to IISc.

Mrs. Rukimini Ammal was passionate about education, literacy and scientific research and firmly believed in empowering women through education and impactful careers.

About Prof. R. Srinivasan:

Ramaswami Srinivasan was born on 15 December 1931. He was a student of Prof. R.S. Krishnan in the Physics department of IISc, Bangalore. After getting his Ph.D and doing post-doctoral work, he joined IIT Madras in 1962 and worked there till 1990. In 1990 he was invited by UGC to be the Director of IUC-DAEF (now called UGC-DAE CSR) in Indore and built the institution from scratch till 1995. From 1996 to 2007 he was visiting scientist at Raman Research Institute and initiated work on cold atoms. From 2001 to 2017 he built low-cost equipment for student experiments at B.Sc., M.Sc. and post M.Sc. levels for the Science Education Panel of the three National Science Academies, and conducted more than a hundred refresher courses all over India to train teachers and students.

His field of research, in theory is lattice dynamics, non-linear elastic constants and surface modes, and in experiment, superconductivity and magnetic properties of materials at low temperatures. He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, of the Indian Cryogenics Council and of the Instrumentation Society of India. The IIT Madras has instituted a Chair in his name in the Physics Department.

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Prof R Srinivasan Medal 


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