Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

Gore Subraya Bhat Chair Associate Professor in Digital Health

Gore Subraya Bhat Chair Associate Professor in Digital Health’, established in 2021, with an endowment from Mr. Sameer Bhat, Co-founder eClinicalWorks, Boston, USA, in memory of his grandfather. The Chair will be awarded to a nominated Associate Professor of the Institute, with stellar research performance in the general area of Digital Health, including but not limited to topics such as

  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Organs and Body on Chip
  • Medical Devices
  • Human System Modelling
  • Omics for Healthcare
  • AI/ML for Clinical Decision Support Systems

Nomination procedure:

Nominations will be evaluated by a committee comprising of a Dean and members who are subject experts.

The nominator should be a Full Professor at the Institute. Self-nomination is permitted as well.

On selection, an Associate Professor will become ‘Gore Subraya Bhat Chair Associate Professor’ for a period of 3 years.

A monthly top-up salary of Rs. 50,000 and an unrestricted research grant of Rs. 5 lakhs per year will be provided to the faculty member during the period. The Chair Associate Professor should submit a brief annual report to the Director on the research activities conducted and acknowledge the support of this award in all publications during the tenure.

Mr. Sameer Bhat, Co-founder eClinicalWorks, Boston, USA, has made a generous contribution to IISc to establish the Gore Subraya Bhat Associate Professorship Chair. This chair is established in memory of his grandfather Gore Subraya Bhat.

About Gore Subraya Bhat

Gore Subraya Bhat (15/01/1911 – 02/09/1978) was born in Durga village, South Canara district, Karnataka. When he was 12 years old, he joined the Sanskrit Pathashala in Shringeri and studied there for 12 years. Recognizing his talent, the then pontiff of Sringeri Matha, Shri Chandrashekhara Bharati took special interest in him and sent him to study in the Madras Sanskrit College to specialize in “Advaitha Vedantha”. Established in 1906, Madras Sanskrit College was a major learning centre at that time, with luminaries like Shri M K Gandhi, Shri Rabindranath Tagore visiting and appreciating this Institute. After studying there for 4 years, Shri Gore Subraya Bhat graduated with Vedanta Visharada degree, securing two gold medals for outstanding performance. He was immediately invited for a faculty position in the Maharaja Sanskrit College in Mysore, by Vidvan Chandrashekhar Shastri Patankar the principal of the college. However, driven by Gandhian philosophy, Shri Gore Subraya Bhat decided to return to his village and serve the disadvantaged community. He literally went door-to-door in surrounding villages to convince parents to educate their children. He taught them all alone providing a holistic education in Sanskrit, Indian philosophy and other subjects, without taking any remuneration. Since he had a very progressive outlook and appreciated the importance of modern science education, he also encouraged the parents to send their children to acquire modern education. He struggled balancing different responsibilities – managing agriculture for livelihood, managing a large family – without compromising on his ideal “the community education”. He chose the idealistic path with great sacrifice, renouncing the path which would have put him in the limelight with a lot of recognitions. His inconspicuous life with noble purpose, despite being one of the great scholars of his era, has touched many lives through generations to follow, reminding the importance of giving back to the society for a bigger cause.